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What do you do when you're "sick and tired" of being sick and tired and need something to take your mind off it all? When you've isolated yourself from the world's germs and only leave the house to go to treatment? I joined FIND A GRAVE It is a virtual online cemetery. A few easy steps get you signed up and you can start submitting. You may add photos and leave flowers and a note to any memorial whether it's yours or someone elses. If your loved one is buried in another state you can visit "virtually" every day. It's a great genealogy tool as well as there are millions of records and you search through them by surname. You might very well find a long lost relative, I did. I started by adding memorials of all our family and friends who had passed. Then I decided to use my passion for the Civil War and began adding memorials for the soldiers who had died during and after the war. In 2 1/2 years I've added 45.000 plus memorials and am still adding on a daily basis. This might not be for you but then again you might get "hooked" as I did. Check it out.
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Hello!!! Surfing the net is something so interesting that gets all the problems out of the head. When I was on treatment I only went out to doctors appointments too. I dedicated my time to reading books and searching the net. Like you, I found info on long lost relatives and the searches were great!!! Blessings!!! Ragis
Thank you so much for your sweet words... What adorable pictures! I'm glad you've joined the blog, and I'll be visiting often!
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